Business Performance and Profitability

Beyond business growth and market share, many companies have intensified their focus on Employee Engagement and Customer Satisfaction / Customer Experience. I believe that Customer Experience cannot be too far removed from Employee Focus, and that from professional development, as many memorable customer experiences come not from technology or process but from human interactions. Ultimately, it is the Customer Experience that will drive the growth.

That said, customers experiencing inefficient or ineffective business processes seek other options, and they voice their discontent in the interim and for years thereafter. With social media, it's worse than ever.

My formal background is in process improvement. My entire professional career, indeed most of my personal space as well, has been devoted to continuous improvement. As a six-year Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt within an overall 19-year career within GE, and a strategic management consultant in that field for a decade since, I work with business teams to understand and improve business processes, driving business profitability, performance and growth.

Contact me to discuss how I can work with you, your leaders and their teams to identify and address the issues blocking your performance and profitability.

Leadership and Personal Development

Whether you seek business advancement, community influence or better stewardship and effectiveness, an investment in yourself is arguably the single most valuable investment you will ever make.

As your competitive advantage comes from learning faster and growing your leadership skills, personal and professional development is paramount. Enhancing your aptitude in professionalism, communication, conflict resolution, self-confidence, emotional intelligence, attitude, teamwork, personality types, public speaking... and the list goes on... will provide distinction among your peers, and enable you to quickly surpass them.

What is the lack of these skills costing you?

Contact me for more information on how to effectively address the areas impacting your success.


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