Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What a True Leader Really Is

Many people are intimidated by the term Leadership. To some, it may represent someone in a lofty position, a position that most will never attain. If not based on a rung on the corporate ladder, it can likewise represent an image, a look, or a personality profile that very few would ever display.

We often consider the leaders to be in the exclusive category of “They”. “They” have the title, the prestige, or the look, and “They” have the responsibility. “They” have the power, as well as the perks.

In reality, leadership is open to more than just those with a title or an image. A leader is anyone who influences others in a positive direction. A leader is someone who has a picture of what can be, and really what should be, and they cannot get rid of that thought… and that thought causes them to move in that direction.

Everyone is called upon to be a leader at some point, and often many points, in the course of their life.

In the video below, Chris Brady provides an insightful introduction to leadership. If you are going to be called upon to be a leader, wouldn’t it make sense to learn more about it?

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